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Under Counter Trash Compactors


Under counter trash compactors (sometimes called built-in trash compactors) are the most popular type of domestic trash compactor, mostly for installation in the kitchen although they are compact enough to be installed in utility or other rooms, or a boat or RV.

under counter trash compactorsAny trash compactor will significant reduce the volume of your household waste (up to 75%), as well as making for easy clean up in messy kitchens.

All trash compactors have elegant styling in keeping with modern kitchen appliances, and will sit nicely alongside your dishwasher and other built-in products.

While it does not have a finished top that can be used as bench space, a significant benefit of under counter trash compactors is saving space.

The machine can either sit in a recess and blend in with surrounding furniture, or be built-in with finishing kits supplied by most manufacturers.

Built-in trash compactors come in a standard size range to facilitate them being incorporated into normal kitchen environments. They can be readily installed by a home handyman, and require only a power outlet for operation.

Trash compactors tend to have similar operating characteristics, such as motors of about 1/3 horsepower, compacted rubbish capacity of about 1.5 cubic feet and a compacting force of between 3000 and 5000 pounds. These vital statistics are shown on our individual trash compactor reviews pages, and summarized below.

Other standard features provided by almost all trash compactors are:

  • an anti-jam function to prevent the compactor from jamming when in operation
  • air freshener system with charcoal filter
  • substantial noise installation.

trash compactor comparisonUnder counter trash compactors do not require much maintenance, other than an occasional vacuum of the interior and a wash of the interior and exterior as you would other appliances, such as a dishwasher.

Safety features receive high priority on trash compactors, so check out if the machine has tilt sensors, a removable key lock control to prevent unauthorized or child access and side or front access to eliminate the need to lift the compacted trash bag.

Trash compactor bags can be made of either plastic or heavy duty paper and it is advisable to use the bags recommended by the manufacturer.

A trash compactor is an extremely convenient device which will enhance the efficiency of waste management in your household. When built-in it will also add an attractive presence to your kitchen.

Under Counter Trash Compactor Comparison









 Elite 15


Architect II




 HxWxD (in)  34.1x14.9x21.5  34.1x15x24  34.5x15.25x24  34.1x15x24  35x14.9x24  34.4x14.9x21.5
 Capacity (c.ft)  1.55  1.4  1.4  1.4  1.4  1.55
 Motor (hp)  3/4  1/3  1/3  1/3  1/3  3/4
 Force (lbs)  3000  2300  2300  3000  2300  3000
 Compression ratio  6:1  4.1  5:1  5:1  4.1  6.1
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 MSRP¹-white/black²  $1210  $679  $829  $729  $849  Not available
 At Amazon³-click  $648  $629  $748  $689  $769  Not available
 MSRP¹-stainless²  $1236  $779  $929  $829  $949  $1199
 At Amazon³-click  $809  $595  $820  $757  $849  $1099

Notes for Under Counter Trash Compactors:

¹MSRP is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

²White, black or stainless steel trash compactor door

³Amazon ships free of charge to many locations

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